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To call French St. Martin from the US, dial 011-590-590 + the local six digit number. If you are trying to reach a cell phone in St. Martin, dial 011-590-690 + the local six digit number.

When you are in St. Martin, dial 0-590 + the local six digit number for local calls and 0-690 + the local six digit number for local calls to cell phones.

To call Dutch St. Maarten from the US, dial 011-721 followed by 54 then the seven digit local number.

Calls between the two sides of the island are International calls.

CELL / MOBILE / PORTABLE PHONES Before you travel to St. Martin / St. Maarten, check with your service provider to determine if your phone will work in the island. You may be able to purchase an adaptor chip or SIM card for your phone, or rent a portable phone from one of the local companies during your stay.

To phone from French St. Martin, a Télécarte (phone card) makes local and international calls easier and less expensive. Télécartes are sold at Post Offices and other outlets marked Télécarte en Vente Ici. They are used with phones marked Télécom. There are no coin phones. Many phones will now accept VISA, MasterCard or other credit cards for long distance calls. Operator-assisted calls are higher in cost.

Voltage in French St. Martin is 220 AC, 60 cycles. Appliances designed for other voltages require a transformer. A few hotels and villas include 110 AC outlets in the bathrooms, and some may have transformers to loan to guests. All appliances require standard two-prong French plugs or appropriate adaptors.

Dutch St. Maarten operates on 110 volt AC, 60 cycles with American-style plugs.
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